Wellbeing & Student Support

At Millicent High School the Wellbeing of our students is important and underpins our approach to education. We value positive relationships and understand that learning outcomes are improved when relationships are positive and wellbeing is nurtured.

Millicent High School has a wellbeing Coordinator who convenes a Wellbeing Team. This team consists of Curriculum SSO’s and Year Level managers (Senior and Junior School Senior Leaders and the year 8 coordinator, who are also responsible for behaviour support). The Wellbeing Team provides support around student attendance, One Plans and manages five School Support Officers who provide in class and individual support for identified students. All staff can refer students who need intervention and support to the Wellbeing Team who meet fortnightly to coordinate and monitor student support including counselling and referring to regional and community service providers.

The Wellbeing Coordinator also provides support and counselling to identified students, refers students to support services and agencies and oversees our Inclusive Education Program PACES.

The Junior School Senior Leader Coordinates Aboriginal support through an Aboriginal Education team that includes an Aboriginal Community Education Worker (ACEO) and an Aboriginal Education Teacher to provide support for Aboriginal students and their families.

The school has a Pastoral Care Worker who students can access directly. They work part time and can provide individual support for students as well as group activities.

We have a Child Support Worker who are connected to the Wellbeing team who can provide both student and family support.

Homegroup teachers perform a pastoral care and counselling role for their students.

Literacy and Numeracy intervention and support is provided to identified students as part of our Site Improvement Plan.

The Senior School Senior Leader offers a career counselling service.

There is a Community Mentoring Program with adult community volunteers who come into the school on a regular weekly basis to support identified students. All year 12 students are provided with a staff mentor.

We have Flexible Learning Options (FLO) programs for students who are disengaged or find it difficult to learn in a traditional classroom environment. Senior students are case managed at Pathways and if required a junior group is case managed at the MHS site.

There is a ‘SACE’ Completion program to assist students achieve their SACE who have left school before completing their SACE to take up work, apprenticeships or traineeships.

The School Behaviour Management support currently operates within a clearly detailed and community accepted SBM Policy. It provides for a consistency in the application of procedures and expectations (both teacher and student) throughout the school and is reviewed on a continual basis. The school has a strong focus on relationships and this is an important aspect of our behaviour support.

The school has developed a number of pro-active, positive strategies to meet the needs of individual students. We aim to provide a safe, orderly, harassment-free learning environment.

Millicent High School provides a breakfast program either in our school canteen or Resource Centre every morning before homegroup for students who have missed breakfast for any reason before they left for school.

If parents/caregivers have concerns about their sons/daughters Wellbeing we encourage them to contact the school on 08 87332400. Front Office staff will then be able to refer onto the most appropriate staff member.

There is a wealth of information and support on the internet. Listed below are a few sites that we would recommend.

www.headspace.org.au, view their website in a new window phone: 8725 0443 - Youth focus

www.eheadspace.org.au, view their website in a new window phone: 8725 0443 - Chat online to counsellors

www.reachout.com, view their website in a new window - Youth focus

www.blackdoginstitute.org.au, view their website in a new window - Not youth focussed, although has a section particularly for young people

www.kidshelpline.com.au, view their website in a new window phone: 1800 551 800 - Youth focus

www.lifeline.org.au, view their website in a new window phone: 13 11 14 - Not youth focussed

www.sane.org, view their website in a new window - For all of the community, not youth focussed

www.beyondblue.org.au, view their website in a new window phone: 1300 224 636 - Support for anxiety and depression