Our Curriculum

Millicent High School is divided into a Junior School (Years 7, 8, 9 and Year 10 first semester) and a Senior School (Year10 second semester and Years 11 and 12). In Year 8 all students undertake a common core curriculum with the exception of a basketball focus, dance option or school band. Two teachers deliver the entire Core Curriculum. One teaching I.S (Integrated Studies) which includes English, Humanities and Cultural Studies; the other teaching Maths and Science, which includes Agriculture. Both teachers also deliver the integrated Information Technology program and one is the Homegroup Teacher who delivers a pastoral care programme. Health and Physical Education is delivered all year.

Two other subjects are also studied as either semester or term subjects over the year including: Technology Studies, Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Drama, Music and Art. This minimises the total number of teachers for year 8 students in any term, to five. Students choosing the Basketball Focus or Dance option will participate in one double lesson per week for a semester in place of Physical Education. Over Years 9 to 12 the number of subject choices provided for students increase each year including a range of accredited Vocational subjects at Certificate 1, 2 and 3 level.

For a complete list of subject offerings and their descriptions please refer to the Course Information booklet that is updated each year in term 3.