COMMUNITY MENTORING at Millicent High School




Millicent High School has delivered the mentoring program successfully for over ten years. Initiated by the State Government, the aim of the program is to assist students’ transition through school and help achieve their potential with the support of a community mentor.

Mentor Photo


Mentors are adult volunteers from our community who have completed screening and training. The role of mentors is to develop a relationship with students based on respect, trust, understanding, and empowerment. Teachers in conjunction with the Principal identify students they feel would benefit from participating in the program. Students may also request to become involved in the program. Students meet with their mentors for an hour each week to enjoy activities which may include: arts, craft, woodwork, cooking, talking, computing, music, school work and sport, just to name a few.

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Teenagers need at least one adult in their lives to be irrationally positive about them.

For more information, or to enquire about becoming a mentor, contact the school on (08) 8733 2400