The school's teaching and support staff are a blend of staff from long serving staff who have been at Millicent for many years through to relatively young teachers often in their first permanent or contract teaching appointments.

The school has a Performance Management structure/approach which focuses on providing support to staff and for teaching staff is based on the Australian Teachers Professional Standards. Negotiation between staff and their line manager as to the form this support takes is encouraged and all staff are required to have a Personal Development Plan.

A comprehensive induction program for new staff is provided by the Deputy Principal and Administration Officer.

There is an active Staff Association with regular wellbeing / social activities organised including: a Friday happy hour, Coffee Club, Staff social evenings and Football tipping.

Millicent High School - Staff Values

Principal John Shelton
Deputy Principal Graham Bell
Senior Leader, Senior School

Todd Watson

Senior Leader, Junior School

Steve Carli-Seebohm

Business Manager Peter Duncan
Administration Officer Shannon Nicholls
MCLC Manager Gemma Winterborn
Canteen Manager April Job

Front Office

Heather Cormie Shannon Nicholls
Grace Carnellor Heather Seebohm
 Peter Duncan  Heidi Muhovics

Teaching Staff

Tenille Barry Brett Loader
Graham Bell Kate Loftus
Jacquliyn Bradley Scott McEachern
Steve Carli-Seebohm Kazic Neilson
Kerry Cory Mieka Owens-Phillips
Judy Crawford John Shelton
Neville Crawford Darren Simpson
Greg Dower Patrick Smith
Stephanie Gilbert Julianne Thomas
Shaun Gill Steve Treadrea
Tamara Gould Ellie Walker
Laura Hoffmann Todd Watson
Fernanda Ikeda Kristie Williams
Johanna Kemplay-Hill Gemma Winterborn
Darryl Lambden  
 Cate Lepley  

SSO/Ancillary Staff

Kathy Bell Amy Hateley
Katrina Bell Shae Kenny
Julie Bevan Todd Lang
Jenny Bishop Cory Marcus
Grace Carnellor Heidi Muhovics
Thea Clough Shannon Nicholls
Heather Cormie Melissa Norman
Trish Cory Lauren Potter
Orazio Cultreri Neil Reilly
Roz Curtis Heather Seebohm
Peter Duncan Maz Seidl
Keith Field Allie Shelton
Jess Fitzgerald David Thomas
Sallyanne Gordon Bevan White
Tracy Hardy