The Millicent Community Learning Centre opened its doors in 2011 after securing partial use of the TAFE campus adjacent to Millicent High School. A team of dedicated staff has seen the centre develop, grow and strengthen to deliver a versatile program offering alternative learning programs in a supportive environment for students. Our aim is to reengage or keep students engaged who struggle with traditional education.

Each FLO student is different and Flexible Learning Plans are developed in consultation with their Case Manager. These plans meet the interests, abilities and learning needs of each individual student with the view of guiding students to a pathway of SACE completion or leading them to employment or further training.

Year Students School Subjects Certificate
Other Courses Employment(fulltime)/TAFE University
(% of past students)
Returned to MCLC
2011 53 69.8% 35.6% 62.2% 20.7% 77.3%
2012 71 75.7% 67.1% 64.2% 63.6% 72.6%
2013 80 87.1% 50.1% 51% 75% 80%
2014 91 83.5% 59.3% 52.7% 73% 71.4%