Context Statement

Millicent Community Learning Centre is a Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) initiative offering flexible learning options for identified students. MCLC is a campus of Millicent High School offering alternative learning programs in a supportive environment for students.

The aim of the program is to reengage or keep students engaged who struggle with traditional education. Staying connected to education guides students to a pathway that could lead them to employment or further training. Each FLO student is different and Flexible Learning Plans are developed to meet the interests and learning needs of each individual student. All students work towards completing the SACE Certificate through a diverse learning program. MCLC works with Businesses, Community agencies, MHS, TAFE; Open Access and other Registered Training Organisations to assist with individual programs to create opportunities and collaborative training.

It has been successfully re-engaging young people who have been disengaged or who are disengaging from school since 2004. The program finds alternative ways to reconnect young people with their learning to improve their future prospects and the future prospects of communities.

MCLC is for 12 – 21 year olds who: